Becoming the Face of Modern Technologies

Although being a male-dominating field, women in metaverse are breaking the stereotypes.

Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds that taps technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to build a social connection. On International Women’s Day, Facebook (now known as Meta) brought focus on the roles of women in metaverse. Even though things are changing, the world is becoming techier, one thing that hasn’t changed is stereotypes about women and technology, girls are made to feel unwelcome in the tech sector from an early age, both professionally and as consumers. But women always find their ways to fight back and the same goes with the women in metaverse. Know how women in metaverse are becoming the face of modern technologies.

In 2020, women made up just 20% of Microsoft tech jobs, and 23% of tech jobs at Facebook, Google, and Apple. Despite the fact that there are numerous stunningly skilled women out there, the universe of vivid tech is still very manly. The development of metaverse is determined by the gaming business, which is famously male-driven, and this can contrarily affect the business. There are many cases where women in metaverse are not welcomed by men, for example, 33% of young female gamers report regularly being sent inappropriate content or receiving gender-based abuse on online gaming platforms.

On the equipment front, women are twice as prone to encounter cyber-sickness as men while utilizing virtual reality headsets, as the majority of augmented reality hardware is created and sized with male users in mind. Pursuing tech, women in metaverse have to be prepared to enter an industry literally not built for them.

Here are the top 5 women in metaverse breaking the stereotype:

1. Candice Houtekier, Art Collision’s Founder and Director

Since 2016, Candice Houtekier has been exploring the metaverse. As a futurist, she investigates and builds new virtual realities in order to create, transform, and enhance the international art market. In 2019, she established the Art Collision to consolidate art practices with cutting-edge innovation. The Toronto-based agency provides marketing, website design and management, rebranding, consulting, and creative services in digital, virtual reality, and crypto networks. She is one of the best examples of how women in metaverse are changing the world for good.

2. Ang’l Artiste: An Artist and a VR Creator

Another face of modern technologies is Ang’l Artiste. She is a mother, an artist, and Horizon Worlds creator from Brooklyn, New York. Apart from creating an art Ang’l also conducts exhibitions in her virtual Black art museum and sculpting in virtual reality. As somebody who has battled social anxiety her entire life, Ang’l is the perfect example of how you can grow as an eminent businesswoman

3. Mary Spio, CEO and Founder of CEEK

Mary Spio is the CEO of CEEK VR, a company that creates innovative information solutions and tools for supplying virtual and augmented reality experiences. Spio is also the writer of Its Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Achieving Uncommon Success, where she happens to share inspirational and incredible stories to encourage readers to step outside of their comfort zones and make an impact. Isn’t she exactly the one you need to be called as one of the most successful women in metaverse?

4. Mary Matheson, Film Director, and VR Creator

Mary Matheson is an award-winning creative director and executive producer of unique experiences. She combines cutting-edge technology (mobile reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality) with intimate documentary techniques to immerse the audience in the story.

5. Janine Yorio, co-founder and CEO of Everyrealm

Janine has a background in private equity and in real estate. After selling her real estate investment app Compound to investment platform Republic, she started speculating on metaverse properties for fun. This gambit quickly became the foundation of Everyrealm, her metaverse investment company. She says one of the most important things to understand about developing in the metaverse and making NFTs is that these products need communities.

Tips for Getting Started as a Creator in VR

Here is how women can start exploring immersive technology:

  1. Find your passion: Think about what you want to change in the physical world and channel it into digital reality.
  2. Join VR communities for women online: Seek out advice and resources from other women through online communities like forums and Facebook groups.
  3. Get inspired: Immerse yourself in other creators’ work. The women mentioned above are giving their 100% and their story can become your inspiration.
  4. Come as you are: You don’t have to be technical to create – just get started. You can start with Wi-Fi and a laptop.

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