Biggest Sports You Can Stream On Foxtel Sports

Sports streaming has become a significant part of people’s lives, especially in the new normal when public gatherings is still a major concern. Therefore, fans worldwide have opted for a different option to follow their favorite sports and teams. This has made streaming a viral tool as you can get live action from wherever you are.

One of the biggest streaming services available for fans is Foxtel Sports. This is a premium streaming service offered by Foxtelwhich is a popular pay TV provider in Australia. Foxtel features different sporting channels that you can use to follow the biggest local and international sports.

Here are some of the sports that you can stream on Foxtel Sports:

National Rugby League (NRL)

Rugby League is one of Australia’s most popular sporting events, with the crowning moment coming during the grand finale. This sport has drawn massive viewership worldwide, which means not all people can attend the games in person. The good side is that you can still follow every NRL match using your Foxtel Sports account.

You can also access a Rugby League channel where you get 24/7 news, interviews, analysis, behind-the-scenes events, among others. So, you can check in at any time, and you can be sure of getting something about the NRL. Some matches, such as the Super Saturday, 6 pm Friday match, and the 2 pm Sunday game, are exclusive to Fox Sports; thus, you can be sure of not missing any of them. The best part is that there are no ad interruptions during the streaming.

Formula 1

Formula 1 has developed into one of the most intense sporting competitions ever. Over the years, there’s been stiff competition and rivalry that has reeled in fans. For example, a study shows that in both 2017 and 2018, 17% of Australians identify as Formula 1 fans while 24% attended the sports, which shows how popular it is in the country. However, with racing events in different cities on different continents, it can be challenging for fans to attend all the races.

However, subscribing to Foxtel Sports means watching the race live regardless of where you are. And because there are no ads, there’s nothing to bother the adrenaline-pumping moments in the motor race. You can also live stream F1 races on any of your devices.


Football is the most followed sport in the world, with almost every country having a championship. It is reported that about 78,000 people attended the Australian rules football match in 2021, which was the highest attendance in a sporting event at the time, after the COVID-19 pandemic. This shows that the popular leagues such as the Australian Football LeagueBundesliga, and English Premier Leagueamong other top leagues, draw viewership among many fans who may not attend the games in person.

However, it is still possible for fans to stream these sports through their Foxtel Sports account. Fans can also follow pre-match and post-match analysis from their phones, tablets, or computers, among other football news.

National Basketball Association

The NBA is a major sporting event in the USA with players and fans all over the world. As the games are always played in the USA, it’s not affordable for fans to attend most of the games outside the US. Therefore, the best way to follow it up is through live streaming the game, watching highlights, or replays.

This is possible when using Foxtel Sports as it has partnered with ESPN, which owns the NBA broadcast rights in Australia. With a subscription to Foxtel, you can get access to NBA playoffs, finals, big regular-season games, and an All-Star weekend. The number of games available adds up to 190 games per season, which means you won’t miss any action.


Cricket is popular in South Africa, Australia, England, and India but still commands a large following worldwide. Over three million people have declared cricket as one of their top interests in Australia, and about 81% of cricket fans say they would trade a birthday for The Boxing Day Test. This popularity means that the demand for streaming services has increased among fans. If you are subscribed to Foxtel, you can follow games such as the Australian Test Match, Big Bash Leaguean ODI match.

Moreover, Foxtel has broadcasting rights for international cricket matches played in India, New Zealand, South Africa, and England. So, you can also stream those matches on your devices and catch all the live actions.

Supercars Championship

The Repco Supercar Championship (formerly Virgin Australia) is a major supercar championship that features competitive drivers and engine manufacturers. The event involves several events, cutting exhibitions, and test laps. The race happens every year, and the 2022 event will have fans back after the COVID-19 pandemic has led to revised calendars. With Foxtel, you can follow all the live action from Supercars practices and qualifying sessions to the races.


Streaming sports is a great way to follow your best teams, players, and events. It keeps you updated on events even if you don’t attend them in person. Having a streaming site such as Foxtel will help you follow the biggest sports in the world, such as football, NBA, cricket, and Formula 1.

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