‘Further blow’ for small businesses awaiting insurance payouts for COVID-related losses

After almost two years with outstanding lockdowns, a downturn and the rise of online fitness training, Olivia Jones and her partner are calling it quits on their chain of gyms, Result Based Training. Key points: Small businesses have been fighting insurers for payouts for COVID-related losses for the entire pandemic Some lawyers say the likelihood … Read more

Radical changes to income protection insurance cover

Australians are being told to review their insurance cover after protection was dramatically cut by the regulator in October. Reductions in income protection insurance payouts and a tightening of who’s eligible to make a claim were created by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) in response to losses by major insurers, said Mark Kachor, managing … Read more

Do you have enough life insurance?

Let’s face it, we all want to live better, happier, healthier lives for ourselves and our loved ones. But how would you and your family cope if you were no longer able to earn a living to help provide for them financially? Now might be a good time to check out what, if any, level … Read more

Insurance trends and the road forward in 2022

By Olivia Gee · Last updated Thursday, 23 December 2021 · 3 min read fact checking process and our editorial guidelines. “> Fact Checked Advertiser disclosure You probably don’t think of insurance as a ‘trendy’ topic – and fair enough, it’s not necessarily the most enthralling topic among the personal finance bunch. But like any … Read more

Aged care needs compulsory national insurance

It’s obvious that aged care is underfunded. Everybody knows it, and elderly residents will see it displayed in crisp khaki next week when soldiers show up to call the bingo. The Australian Defense Force is the only part of the government that is not underfunded. After more than 40 inquiries and reviews into aged care … Read more

‘Robodebt’ for insurance – renters around Australia being unfairly pursued

Need to know CHOICE has uncovered more examples from around Australia of renters being pursued over accidental property damage The examples of bad practice relate to three major insurance companies Some insurance companies are treating renters fairly, but others are not When young couple Luke Sierakowski and Lauren Arnett received a letter in June from … Read more