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North-West Thunder chairman James Leslie has thrown more support behind a plan to secure $ 50 million to establish a premier multi-sport precinct in Devonport able to host top-level basketball and football matches. “It’s a fantastic proposal, and hopefully, it will progress in leaps and bounds,” Mr Leslie said. Devonport sporting clubs recently joined forces to launch a unified plan to redevelop the Devonport Oval and Byard Park into a community and sporting hub. Sporting groups representing the AFL, basketball, cricket, cycling, and athletics want to merge the two sites and construct several multi-use indoor facilities. The new precinct features a six-court indoor basketball facility with a big show court to hold 2,000 spectators. When the clubs revealed the plan, Devonport Basketball Club president Craig Martin said the North-West Thunder had expressed an “appetite” to get involved at the new facility which was necessary to cater to the sport’s growth. It will be capable of hosting NBL JackJumper games and national junior basketball titles, attracting up to 3000 people. “We’re really excited about what it’s going to do,” Mr Leslie said. “It’s great for us to have another stadium locally and other facilities to be able to utilize. But from our perspective, it’s probably more about making sure we’ve got all-weather facilities suitable for juniors coming through all sporting codes, not just ours . ”I think it’s terrific to see that everybody is on the same page. “So far, I haven’t heard of anyone in this process looking out for themselves; they’re all looking at it as a collaborative group.” I love that it’s turned into something more about the community than individual sports. “That’s why we will support it because it’s something outstanding that allows us to move forward as a community keeping more kids involved in sports and that’s the outcome we’re all after.” It will provide extra state-of-the-art resources everybody. can utilize and will be there in our winter months to keep people active. “Mr Leslie said it would fill a gap on the Coast.” Certainly, it was noticeable when the NBL came up and did their pre-season blitz that they were saying from a facility standpoint they would have loved to have been able to see more people on the ground, “he said.” It will be somewhere that everybody gets something out of and will make sure kids have somewhere to go keeping them engaged over those winter months. “The renewal of the playing surfaces and cycling track with a shared function center, high-performance training center, and amenities upgrades would complete the transformation into a multi-sport precinct hosting major sporting and community events. The new prec inct would incorporate a sporting museum and a range of allied health and ancillary sporting services such as rehab pools others can use. AFL Tasmania, Basketball Tasmania, and Cricket Tasmania expressed strong support for the project. What do you think? Have your say


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