DVIDS – News – Concealed carry on post? Don’t do it

Since 2019, Oklahoma, along with many other states, have repealed laws requiring people to obtain a license in order to openly or concealed carry a firearm in public.

While the lifting of restrictions allowing anyone who can legally purchase a firearm to carry, concealed or otherwise, was seen as a boon for many, the laws have caused some confusion and headaches for Fort Sill law enforcement because of the difference in State versus Federal laws. .

Since June 2020, Fort Sill law enforcement have seen an increase in concealed weapons incidents involving Soldiers and civilians, said Donello Phillips, a field training officer with the Fort Sill Police Department.

“We’re averaging about one to two incidents per week,” Phillips said. “People will drop them from cars in parking lots, we’re finding them during random searches at the gates and during traffic stops.”

The possible confusion seemingly stems from boundaries, said Phillips. While Oklahoma law allows for open or concealed carry, Fort Sill regulations and Federal laws do not allow it on Federal property

Fort Sill Regulation 190-1, 22 September 2020, prohibits the carrying of concealed privately owned weapons (POW) on post. 18 US Code § 930 states “… whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility (other than a federal court facility) or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year or both. ”

“Without a doubt, there’s some confusion,” said Maj. Lawson Guthrie, deputy chief. “There’s signs at the gate that say you can not bring weapons on post, but it’s a lot like marijuana – it’s legal out there but not in here.”

All that is not to say Soldiers and civilians cannot bring weapons on post under certain conditions, said Phillips. However, before bringing a weapon on post Soldiers and civilians should check with their command or supervisors determine the necessary steps and register the weapon at with the Directorate of Emergency Management at the Visitor Control Center.

“Understand, it is never OK to carry a loaded personal weapon on your person or in your vehicle on Fort Sill,” said Phillips. “You must keep your ammunition separate from the weapon and declare the weapon when coming through the gate.”

Once the weapon is registered, which includes a safety course, Soldiers will be able to store their weapons either in their unit’s arms room or at the Soldiers on post residence.

However, there’s a few key points personnel must understand when storing or transporting their weapon said Phillips.

Weapons cannot be stored in troop billets. Military personnel residing on-post quarters must keep the weapon:

– Unloaded and in a place separate from ammunition. Ammunition and weapons should not be stored together and not accessible to minors.

– Under double lock when quarters are unattended. For purposes of this regulation, one lock may be the quarter’s entrance and the second lock may be a locked container, trigger lock or lock cable, chain or rod through the firearm’s guard or barrel, or stored in a locked room, closet, or cabinet .

– Out of the reach of children under age 18.

When transporting a weapon, Phillips said concealed weapon laws do not apply on Fort Sill and storage of a weapon in a vehicle is not authorized.

a. All persons bringing a POW onto Fort Sill must enter through an Access Control Point (ACP), notify personnel at the ACP that they are bringing a POW on post, stating the purpose for doing so and producing registration documentation. Personnel without registration documentation and transporting a weapon will not be authorized to bring the weapon on post.

b. Individuals must transport weapons by the most direct route when entering or leaving Fort Sill or when going to or from an authorized activity such as practice range, hunting or other sporting activity. No stops are authorized. No storage of personally owned weapons in a vehicle is authorized.

c. When transported, firearms must be unloaded.

d. When transported, secure weapons in the trunk of the vehicle. For vehicles without a trunk secure in a locked case, rack, box, or with a trigger lock or locked cable, chain, or rod through the firearm’s guard or barrel. Glove boxes and consoles are prohibited storage areas.

e. Carry ammunition separately from the weapon. Transportation of ammunition in · magazines, clips, stripper clips, speed loaders, or any other similar device is not authorized, unless these devices are transported in a locked container separate from any weapon.

“It’s a process to bring a weapon on post but it’s for the safety of everyone in the community,” Phillips said. “Follow the regulations and you should not have any problems.”

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