GLA University’s Global Approach for imparting Quality Education:

The 23-year-old GLA University is among the top private universities in Uttar Pradesh, which is sprawled across 110 acres of land in Mathura. Understanding the need of the hour, GLA University, after excelling in providing offline education, is now venturing into the sphere of online education. Where education will not just be limited to the classroom, but can be delivered anywhere and to anyone without the necessity of visiting a university.

GLA University, as the only university in India with 100% UGC approval, has launched three online graduate and post-graduate programs in BBA, B.Com (Hons.), And MBA.It is a pace-setting university of academic excellence, focussed on education, research, and development in established and emerging professions, and has been awarded with NAAC ‘A’ accreditation for its consistent contribution in providing students with quality education in multiple disciplines. GLA University is dedicated to providing learners with the best designed courses to let learners experience quality education on their fingertips.

Many companies have experienced difficulties due to the market’s constant upheaval and disruption as a result of the current pandemic crisis. Keeping in mind the current scenario, GLA University’s online degree programs are not only extremely advantageous to young learners but also to working professionals, as these courses are designed to promote learning and upgrade educational qualifications without compromising their performance in an organization. Moreover, these courses are cost-efficient and offer prospects for skill enhancement, entrepreneurial growth, and career path and progression advancement.

The online BBA program at GLA University is well-suited to teach learners in accordance with industry standards.

This is a great opportunity for learners across the globe to experience a world-class learning facility. Moreover, GLA University is the only university that has also been approved to conduct examinations through web proctoring mode to enable learners to give examinations from anywhere. Enrolling in an online degree program at GLA Online has several advantages for students-Learners can get regular equivalent UGC-recognized online degree programs from NAAC-‘A ‘accredited university. Each program is industry-oriented and will be held by industry experts to provide maximum exposure to the learners.

Each online degree program has its own charm at GLA University. For example, the: Online MBA programs: at GLA University nurtures leaders to make them capable of making a difference in the corporate and service sectors. This program is designed to provide specialized knowledge and multiple skills such as critical analysis, presentation, public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership, and attitude, along with multi-tasking ability, to professionals who aspire to become organizational managers in today’s global business environment.

Each online degree program has its own charm at GLA University.
Each online degree program has its own charm at GLA University.

There is also the online B. Com. (Hons.) Program, which, through its unique curriculum design and content, enables students to easily adapt to an ever-changing and dynamic corporate world. This program is intended to improve the theoretical knowledge as well as the communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and strategic abilities of the learners.

The online BBA program at GLA University is well-suited to teach learners in accordance with industry standards. Our BBA course’s blend of practical and theoretical knowledge helps learners boost their market worth. This program is intended to provide learners with thorough knowledge and development of fundamental business skills such as leadership, communication, critical thinking, and decision-making.

GLA University as an online platform is enriched with authentic and engaging study material curated after deliberation with industry experts and the finest educators for fresh graduates, entrepreneurs looking to enhance their skills, working professionals seeking better global employment opportunities. It allows learners to align their career goals with their educational aspirations irrespective of distance and nationality. Moreover, it provides learners with the necessary resources to cultivate a skill set in the current market trends and practical business scenarios, along with the opportunities to work in recognized corporate firms.

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