How much is Optus Sport? Complete guide for an Optus Sport subscription

Optus Sport is one of the top sport streaming services in Australiaproviding customers with a range of sports to watch live and on demand – with special broadcasting for football matches in particular from some of the world’s top leagues.

From the English Premier League to the UEFA Nations League, watch Optus Sport with the Optus Sport app for all the best football action in Australia.

We’re going to take you through what you can watch on Optus Sport, how much an Optus Sport subscription will cost and what you can expect when you sign up.

How much does Optus Sport cost?

Optus have signed a long contract for rights to the Premier League |  download the Optus Sport app to watch

We’ll cut straight to the chase – paying for access to Optus Sport gives customers access to some of the best football action in the world, but how much does it cost?

Optus Sport is offered as part of specific mobile and broadband plans, but non Optus customers can also pay for a subscription at a monthly cost of $ 14.99 for the service, or at a discounted price of $ 139 for the whole year.

Existing Optus customers who have an eligible broadband or mobile plan can check out Optus Sport at no extra cost. That’s right – if you have the right Optus dealall you need to do is download the Optus Sport app and off you go – the streaming service provider is available at the touch of a button, completely free for the existing Optus customer.

While there isn’t a free trial for Optus Sport at current, the low cost (or the free access for existing customers) makes it a fantastic option for the football fanatic.

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What do I get with an Optus Sport subscription?

Optus Sport is the streaming home of football, but that isn’t all they offer in their subscription plans. An Optus Plan has a range of sportsan app to get you closer to your fitness goals and more – all accessible via the Optus Sport app.

English Premier League

Manchester City won the Premier League in 2022 - catch every game on Optus Sport

Premier League football is a huge business these days. It is the biggest domestic football competition in the world and thanks to huge injections of cash entices the best names in the game. Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United are household names now in Australia, and you can watch all their games across the season live or later on demand.

FA Women’s Super League

Chelsea won one of the most competitive FA Women's Super League titles in recent years

The Barclay’s FA Women’s Super League is fast becoming the female equivalent of the men’s Premier League. Packed with star names such as our very own Sam Kerr (Chelsea) and Alex Greenwood (Man City), it is proving that football isn’t all about the boys.

Optus Sport subscribers can watch every game from every round live and on demand, on any compatible device, TV or web browser.


J.League 2022

The J-League is easily one of the most recognized football competitions in Asia. The season runs from February through to December, featuring teams like Yokohama FM, Vissel Kobe and 2021 champions, Kawasaki Frontale.

Women’s World Cup Qualifiers

The next Women’s World Cup is set to take place in 2023, but which teams are in the driving seat for qualification? You can watch group games featuring Europe’s elite, like France, Germany, Sweden and England as they battle for a place in the 2023 Finals, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand.

OS Fitness

Looking for your new favorite workout? Optus Sport Fitness is another feature available to any Optus Sport customer.

It offers over 1000 premium workouts that you can do at home or in your own time between the big games! This is a highly original, yet practical addition that you won’t get with other sports streaming services.

How to watch Optus Sport?

Tottenham's Heung-Min Son was top scorer in the Premier League in 2021-22 |  watch Optus Sport

You can stream sports from a variety of different compatible devices and TVs, meaning you can watch all the best action from the Premier League and more whether you’re at home or on the go.

Whether you’re using the Optus app at home or when you’re out, be mindful of how much data you will need – if you’re utilizing the Optus mobile app more than you are at home, you might want to avoid the extra cost that comes with using too much data. Thankfully, a lot of mobile broadband plans include unlimited data, so you can catch Optus Sports as much as you like, wherever you are.

Check out the full list of compatible devices that you can watch your Optus subscription on below, including Apple TV, Google Play devices and more.

Optus Sport features

An Optus subscription doesn’t just stream top quality Premier League and FA Women’s Super League action – and the added extras don’t stop at OS Fitness and home workouts, either. Optus Sport offers a range of cool qualities that you can take advantage of as an Optus customer.

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Mini matches

As well as showing each football match live and giving you the chance to watch full replays, Optus provides customers with the chance to catch up with match highlights by way of ‘mini matches,’ which offers all the action in bite-sized chunks for when you’re on the go.

Optus Sport also comes with a variety of mini classics, where you can re-live some of the most famous matches in football history on the Optus app.

Football news and more

The Optus app also shares the latest football news, fixtures, league tables and more to its customers, allowing you to keep up to date with all football things even when there isn’t a game on. With its primary focus being football action, Optus Sports have firmly cemented its place in Australia for streaming as the one-stop shop for all things football.

There’s also a dedicated live TV section that streams Optus Sport 1 with a constantly updated program guide that includes the week ahead so you can plan your week.

Video quality

The video quality that comes with an Optus Sport subscription is set to a maximum of 720p. While that might disappoint some, it’s been done for a reason – to enable 50 frame / second streaming where possible, and to ensure everyone can smoothly stream matches without running into buffering issues. It’s worth noting that Foxtel Now also streams at a maximum of 720p, so most sport fans won’t be missing out on too much when streaming on demand Premier League action!

How does Optus Sport compare?

Kayo Sports offer comprehensive sports action in Australia

To give you an idea of ​​how well Optus Sport plans stack up against some of the other streaming services out there, check out the main competitors below – and be mindful that each service has its own unique offering, such as OS fitness from Optus Sport.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is one of the top streaming services in Australia when it comes to sports, with over 50 available sports from around the world provided to Kayo customers. Their streaming service has everything from Formula 1 and NRL to huge world sports such as UFC and NBA.

Kayo offers new customers a free trial to enjoy their content before committing to purchase a subscription, and have a huge range of extra features built into their streaming service.

Foxtel Now

While it’s fantastic for those who want to stream a wide range of live TV, Foxtel Now can get pricey for sports. Kayo’s sporting coverage is all sourced from Foxtel, but to get access to the same sports on Foxtel Now (without Kayo’s special features) would cost you $ 25 a month for the mandatory Essentials pack and another $ 29 / month for the Sports pack – a total of $ 54 / month, more than double the cost of a Kayo One subscription or Optus Sport.

BeIN Sports Connect

If football and European Rugby is what you’re after, you can subscribe directly to BeIN Sports’ own streaming service at $ 20 / month, or get it via Fetch TV for the same monthly subscription rate if you have one of those – but that only gives you access to BeIN Sports content, nothing else. Kayo includes 3 BeIN Sports channels as well as dozens of other sports, and Optus Sport has a much wider output of top quality football available for you to stream.

Does Optus Sport stream any free content?

While it doesn’t stream any free content – and at the moment still doesn’t offer a free trial to new customers – there are great advantages if you’re an existing Optus customer, as you may be able to add on demand sports from Optus completely free of charge.

Optus Sport review

If you’re a football fan – especially of the English Premier League, FA Women’s Super League and other huge European football leagues – Optus Sport could be an excellent choice for you. With constant soccer content on the go and the ability to watch Optus Sport at home or on your mobile device, you won’t miss a single goal.

The cool added extras you won’t catch anywhere else are OS fitness, with over 1000 home workouts available, and we love the quick and simple navigation that cuts right to the heart of why you have your subscription in the first place – to watch all the sport you want to your heart’s desire. Read more about what the sport streaming platform has to offer in our Optus Sport review.

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