New Patented Technology by Salvador Technologies to Fight Back Against Operational Technology Cyber-Attackers

Salvador Technologies air-gapped solution for cyber-attack recovery

The air gap solution is specially designed for organizations with more complex data and doesn’t want to take on high downtime. We back up your important data and create an offline copy to protect it from possible theft.

For years, cybercriminals have utilized state-of-the-art techniques to target critical infrastructure such as ICS. Cybercriminals are fascinated by ICS for the following principal reasons:

  • Money: Cybercriminals are looking to profit from extortion, data theft, and cyber-attacks. The goal is to earn money through ransomware. Cyber ​​thieves understand operational continuity is critical to factories and manufacturing settings. Therefore, they are highly likely to target a vulnerable system and get compensated. Furthermore, the crypto payment platforms have made it easy for cybercriminals to execute cyber-attacks.
  • Economic Warfare: The Geopolitical conflicts have also irked a sense of instability for cyber experts trying to defend ICS. Most importantly, experts have implemented the new standard in cyber-attack recovery and operational continuity. For instance, the recent US-Russia economic warfare has resulted in a tragic increase in cyber attacks.
  • Poor Security: OT is designed to have a much longer lifespan than IT systems. OT systems are much more likely to include 20-30 years old or even older components. Very often, security patches are not applied in OT systems. This is because these systems are expected to be operated with minimal interruptions. Updates, such as patches, may be considered something that interferes with business continuity.

With an increasing rate of cyber-attacks, organizations are looking for protective measures against possible downtime. Currently, OT systems use backward backup solutions such as external disks and tapes. This procedure involves a massive loss of time- hours in the case of malfunction and even weeks in the case of a cyber-attack.

A newly developed recovery solution, presented by Salvador Technologies, has been authorized by The Federal Agency of USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademarks Office). It is based on air-gap and can minimize system downtime, enabling complete and swift data and OS recovery. Its software is expected to play a vital role in improving the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in the ICS industry.

The Advantages of an Air Gap Solution

The air gap solution is specially designed for organizations with more complex data and doesn’t want to take on high downtime. It backs up all essential data and creates an offline copy to prevent possible theft.

Alex Yevtushenko, CEO: “Our mission is to enable operational continuity by providing organizations with unique tools and features to cope with cyber-attacks, whose rate is increasing exponentially. Currently, OT systems use backward backup solutions such as manual external disks. We offer a revolutionized air-gapped technology that dramatically reduces data loss and operational downtime risks. ”

Though just granted the official patent, Salvador has already acquired a strong customer base whose service includes a full recovery from cyber-attacks and IT failures, 30-second recovery agnostic to disk size, 2-minute installation, an automated recovery process, offline protection for backup data (air gap), centralized monitoring and recovery of software data and complete OS configurations.

Its proven use includes companies and services providers like Building Management systems, Critical infrastructure and workstations, Logistics Centers, and several other Standalone systems.

About Salvador Technologies

Salvador Technologies offers breakthrough technological solutions for operational continuity and cyber-attack recovery. Its expertise is based on more than ten years of experience in the National Cyber ​​Unit and elite intelligence corps of the IDF and on the passion for contributing to the global cyber security agenda.

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