(P) Online learning – a silver lining to the pandemic:

Lukico is an online tutoring platform founded in 2020, offering 1: 1 tailored lessons for learners aged 5-14. Throughout this time, our learning space has facilitated hundreds of sessions across a variety of subjects like Maths, Leadership, EAL, Romanian.

The best part of our work is getting to see our learners grow and thrive. However, most families have not yet realized how productive online studying can be, given the right learning context. We have therefore put together a few student stories exemplifying the benefits of our personalized online private learning programs. In order to protect the identity of our learners we will not be disclosing their full names.

Remote learning? Easy peasy:

A shy, yet ambitious 3 grader, A., was struggling to juggle sports, picking up a foreign language, and his schoolwork. Moreover, his parents were concerned that the public school he was attending was not helping him reach his full potential. As the pandemic hit the education system with force, it became even more difficult for A. to manage schoolwork, especially Maths. Enter Lukico. After A’s parents heard on the radio how we create personalized online education plans for learners, they decided to reach out. After an initial consultation, A. embarked on his tailored learning journey and succeeded in catching up on Maths.

Encouraged by the quick results, A’s parents decided to extend his Lukico membership long term. At his tender age, he demonstrated the ability to complete work both from home as well as from his grandparents’ house, independently. He also showcased flexibility in successfully adjusting his schedule to fit in the online lessons as well as the capability of learning and thriving in an interactive online environment. In addition to this, A also learned how to organize online exhibitions and joined the Lukico leadership camp, a great opportunity for him to practice autonomy in learning and take ownership of his work.

Studying English in the company of your toys:

S is one of our dearest and youngest learners. He is curious, talkative and has a great sense of humor – the student every teacher wishes for. As a very young learner – 6 at the time of joining Lukico – S was at the very beginning of his literacy learning journey. English was his second language and within 6 months of private tutoring, he acquired the skills to independently edit the online interactive whiteboard and to use English to talk about emotions, identify shapes, numbers, colors and food and understand 2-3 steps instructions.

Tailoring the curricula to S’s interests, we created customized lessons that were not only insightful but also fun and engaging. This motivated him to join the classes with genuine curiosity and joy. He and his toy friends both 🙂

Finally, when he found out about our online competition, he was the first to enrol with his work. We’ve learned that combining Lukico lessons with other activities such as digital workshops and contests further enhances our pupils’ online learning skills.

Balancing family time with learning:

Our educational services are designed to help children achieve their educational goals. However, when asked by a young expat mother to help her improve her Romanian language skills, we proved the model is suitable irrespective of age.

“The lessons have been great and I have learnt a lot,” said our first adult learner. Our virtual classroom approach turned out to be highly effective in providing instruction, flexibility and easy access, even in the busiest time of motherhood.

Lukico – value for both learners and tutors:

Distance education does not have to equate to a subpar learning experience. With the right approach and tooling, learners do not require a physical classroom. Lukico provides the digital infrastructure enabling students and their teachers to access their virtual classrooms easily and securely.

We are also happy to see our teaching team continue to grow. Our tutors appreciate the technical guidance and admin support offered by Lukico, allowing them to focus on what they do best: delivering high quality education and doing so in their own style and at their preferred time, from London, Copenhagen, Bucharest or wherever they are. Flexibility is one of the key strengths of our model and it benefits both students as well as their teachers.

As one of our tutors says: “Learning can be fun! It’s okay not to like certain subjects, because not everybody is made for Math or English or whatever it is that scares them. But they should know that we’re here to help and support them in going a little further, because doing their best is all that matters sometimes, not doing things a certain way. ”

Want to learn more about Lukico? Visit our website www.lukico.net and book your free consultation now.

(p) – This article is an advertorial.

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