Qantas unites loyalty and airline marketing under one CMO as it looks to pandemic recovery

Stephanie Tully

Qantas has united its airline and loyalty marketing under one chief marketing officer as part of a restructuring of the team geared at better uniting the two sides of the business and improving marketing efficiency.

Speaking at the ADMA Global Forum yesterday, Qantas chief customer officer, Stephanie Tully, confirmed the promotion of Qantas Loyalty CMO, Petra Perry, to group chief marketing officer last month, and following the departure of Jo Boundy.

Perry joined Qantas in 2016 and was promoted to the top marketing job across the Loyalty business in November 2019. She gained customer operations and digital for the division in July 2020. Prior to joining Qantas, Perry earned her marketing stripes with organizations such as Mastercard, Virgin Australia and American Express.

Boundy has now officially taken up the CMO’s post at Commonwealth Bank following Monique Macleod’s promotion to group executive marketing and corporate affairs last August.

Boundy’s significant role in helping Qantas retain brand trust and engagement throughout the pandemic in the face of zero budgets, severely reduced headcount and significant bottom-line pressures saw her recognized with the number 1 spot in the 2021 edition of the CMO50 list.

Tully said the decision to completely restructure the marketing team complemented decisions tied into with more in-house skills development driven by customer, speed and cost considerations.

“Petra Perry is leading a group marketing team, which is really important because there is no difference to our customers in those things but we had acted quite separately,” Tully said. “We have definitely built up our in-house capability because the speed we needed to talk to customers with over the last two years and the content we needed to create… meant doing it internally was the only option from a cost and timing perspective.

“That capability is best-in-class now and has been a big change for us as well.”

Keeping the flying kangaroo brand afloat

In detailing her own experiences as a member of the executive leadership team as well as fellow custodian of the brand during the last tumultuous two years of the pandemic, Tully’s self-proclaimed ‘group therapy session’ at ADMA Global Forum attendees was at times raw, more humble. Her presentation came a week after the latest iteration of the Qantas ‘I still call Australia home’ campaign debuted on TV screens and digitally.

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