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Jim Kambosos was “tense” and “frustrated” backstage after his son George failed to make weight at his first attemptwith a controversy regarding the scales prompting an “animated” conversation between Jim, Devin Haney’s lawyer and several other major figures involved in the fight.

Kambosos came in 0.36 pounds over the 135-pound weight limit for the lightweight division which sparked wild scenes on-stage as both fighters traded words while Jim had to be held back by members of the camp as he fumed over the behavior from Haney’s entourage.

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Foxsports.com.au understands that a discussion lasting approximately 15 minutes kicked off between Jim, John Hornewer (Haney’s lawyer) and others regarding the moving and recalibration of the scales which may have been the reason as to why Kambosos Jr. failed to make weight at the first attempt.

A source close to the situation described the conversation as “animated.”

“It was pretty much everybody involved in the process from promoters to the governing bodies to managers, Jim, Peter Kahn (Kambosos Jr.’s manager) from the Kambosos camp and the Haney side of things,” the source said.

“Everybody there was in an animated discussion, no question it was animated. Jim was getting pretty tense and a bit frustrated.


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“As we found out, the scales were moved from their position on the stage once the rest of the undercard had weighed in, they were moved somewhere on the off-stage floor to the entrance where the fighters would walk down and take the stage. They were moved down there.

“The scales were calibrated on stage for the event again and having moved them, they would need further recalibration once they were moved back on stage. He (Jim) was pretty upset that had taken place. ”

It is unclear as to why the scales were moved off the stage and who gave the directive for that to happen.

It is understood that there was a suggestion of Kambosos Jr. using the scales off the stage to see what he was weighing before conducting an official weigh-in on stage, however this ultimately did not happen.


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“Legacy for me is everything” 09:39

Not long before Kambosos Jr. came out for his second weigh-in attempt, members of both camps emerged to ensure the scales would be accurate.

Two 2kg dumbbells were brought out from the back as a method of testing the accuracy of the scale.

However, there is no scientific way to ensure that a 2kg dumbbell weighs exactly that amount, as it could also weigh slightly more or less than the advertised amount.

Another source adds that part of Jim’s frustration stemmed from the conduct of Haney’s camp on stage during Kambosos Jr’s first attempt at the weigh-in.

It is understood that prior to the weigh-in there was somewhat of an agreement that there would not be a large number of people from either camp on the stage.

However, this would be difficult to enforce.

Watch one of the biggest boxing fights ever in Australia: George Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney, Sun 5 June with Main Event on Kayo Sports. No Kayo subscription needed to order. ORDER NOW >

Aussie’s tough journey explained 01:20

As Kambosos Jr. weighed in, a number of movements from Haney’s entourage on the stage caused the scales to slightly shake and also played a factor in the Australian coming in overweight.

The American camp took delight in letting Kambosos Jr. know he needed to shave off those last remaining pounds, with Haney’s head of security heard yelling: “Better get on the treadmill.”

The fear of the stage shaking again during Kambosos Jr.’s second weigh-in attempt prompted announcer Warren Smith to implore the gathered media to remain a few steps away from the stage and requested security enforce the measure.

The 28-year-old would have no such trouble on his second attempt, coming in at 134.49 pounds.

With the controversial weigh-ins now complete, attention shifts towards the bout on Sunday at Marvel Stadium, with fighters expected to make the walk to the ring at 1:30 pm AEST.

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